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The Baxter (Bard) InfusOR is designed to aid the infusion of many intravenous agents during anesthetic procedures. The InfusOR is simple to use and drug delivery choices are easily selected and changed using front panel rotary switches.

AIV’s trained and experienced technicians perform specialized repairs to extend the life of your Baxter InfusOR pumps.
  • All infusion pump repairs include a 6 month warranty
  • Average turnaround time of 7 to 10 business days
  • Service agreements and rentals are available
Find the part or service you require below and then fill out the short “Request Info” form to the left of the page, please enter in the AIV part number you are interested in and hit submit for more details.

View the list of Baxter InfusOR repair services below:

Assembly Front Case Baxter InfusOR

  • OEM Part Number: 6461261RP
  • AIV Part Number: BX12724

Assembly Rear Case Baxter InfusOR

  • OEM Part Number: 6461345RP
  • AIV Part Number: BX12727

Baxter InfusOR Repair Flat Rate Repair (price includes labor and any necessary parts)

  • AIV Part Number: FLRTINFUSOR

Label Front Case Baxter InfusOR

  • OEM Part Number: 6461695
  • AIV Part Number: BX12619

Pusher Block Assembly InfusOR

  • OEM Part Number: 6161492RP
  • AIV Part Number: BX12791

Reed Switch

  • OEM Part Number: 6161490RP
  • AIV Part Number: BX12781

Syringe Holder

  • OEM Part Number: 6465504RP
  • AIV Part Number: BX12800

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