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CBET, Purdue University Form Partnership to Benefit Central Service Technician Education

Purdue University and the College of Biomedical Equipment Technology (CBET) have partnered together to prepare healthcare professionals for the Certified Registered Central Service Technician Exam.

Purdue’s coursework covers central service, healthcare leadership, material management and online certification exam review courses, but in order to obtain certification a 400 hour on-site externship is required. The externship provides hands-on experience in central service, operating room, infection control and material management at an approved healthcare facility.

Once a student completes their online coursework through the Purdue program, CBET will arrange an externship within its network of organizations. The partnership with CBET guarantees that students will be placed at an approved externship site convenient to them with a qualified externship supervisor to deliver training and evaluate competencies. CBET’s expertise in facilitating externships and job placement made for a “natural and nice alignment to add value to the certificate program Purdue currently has,” says Richard Gonzales, CBET’s director.

The International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management (IAHCSMM) Certified Central Service Technician is the gold standard in the field. The certification demonstrates that central service technicians possess the essential knowledge and skills necessary for managing critical duties safely, effectively and consistently and they are current with changing instrumentation, technology, standards and best practices.

Central Service Technicians are in high demand in all areas of the healthcare industry. Training and certified technicians who graduate from programs like Purdue’s will go right to work according to Gonzales.

For more information on Purdue’s program and externships visit the program website.

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