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AIV Manufactured Hospital Grade Power Cords

AIV offers its own line of hospital grade power cords to accompany your infusion pump system. AIV focuses on extending the life of infusion pumps with its medical device repair programs and the sale of related parts and accessories. Each hospital grade power cord is engineered and manufactured by AIV following strict quality control standards to safely meet acute care infusion needs and help manage the cost for maintaining infusion pumps.

In addition to AIV's medical grade power cord, AIV manufactures its own lines of AC adapters and power supply options to support your facility’s equipment needs. Send us a message if you have questions about hospital grade power cord specifications, and we’ll do our best to help you select from our power cords.

What makes a power cord hospital grade?

Power cords used in healthcare facilities must meet the requirements defined in UL 817 and CSA 22.2. These standards define the specifications required for hospital grade molded-on attachment plugs and connectors and the gauge of the conductor. AIV's class of hospital grade power cords meet these standards effectively while still being economical.

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 Hospital Grade Power Cords