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How to Prepare for the Infusion Pump Shortage Predicted by Healthcare Professionals

“Severely ill COVID-19 patients may need multiple medications delivered by infusion pumps. Manufacturers and hospitals are planning on how to avoid shortages of these pumps and the associated tubing.” - Nancy Crotti.

Though the shortage of infusion pumps has not been stressed as strongly as the shortage of ventilators during the pandemic, the volume of critically ill patients has taken a toll on the healthcare system regarding the availability of pumps.

In “Next COVID-19 device shortage? ‘Smart’ infusion pumps,” Nancy Crotti outlines how in early March 2020, healthcare facility hallways began flooding with patient pumps positioned by nurses to deliver:

  • Vasopressors
  • Antiarrhythmic agents
  • Opioids
  • Anesthetic agents
  • Neuromuscular blocking agents
  • Antithrombotics
  • Insulin

… to treat critically ill COVID-19 patients.

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Not only are healthcare facilities struggling with smart pump shortages, but the use of extended tubing to facilitate these pumps raise concerns of:

  • Infection control due to possible bacterial contamination of tubing.

  • Tripping hazards in overwhelmed facilities. 

  • The possibility of tubing shortages.

As healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, and pump manufacturers prepare for a potential pump shortage, the Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI) and Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) continue to emphasize the importance of maximizing existing pumps in facilities. Since manufacturers plan to deliver new pumps to regions hit hardest by the pandemic, healthcare facilities and professionals recovering from the pandemic can expect to see further delays in equipment production and availability.

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