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Protecting Healthcare: The Right to Repair Medical Devices 

How biomeds and ISOs hold together the U.S. healthcare system.

Should hospitals, clinics, family doctors, independent labs, and other medical device users be able to fix the equipment they own when it breaks down? Download this free report to find out why biomeds and third party independent service organizations (ISOs) must be allowed to perform maintenance and repairs, and how your healthcare facility serves patients better with an enshrined Right to Repair.

Protecting Healthcare: The Right to Repair Medical Devices

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Download the Report to Learn:

Why the FDA says the U.S. healthcare system can’t function without third party providers repairing and maintaining medical devices.

The methods OEMs use to stop biomeds and ISOs from repairing equipment in a timely, fiscally-responsible way.

How the European Union balances patient outcomes with intellectual property, security, and the right to repair medical devices.

The status of federal and state Right to Repair legislation, updated in 2021.

How biomeds have accessed maintenance and repair manuals over decades.

How the right to repair medical devices also impacts your institutional values

 "Patient Safety is the key concern with the Right to Repair, and some OEMs inhibit in-house biomeds' ability to perform routine repairs. Biomeds need to be empowered with the right tools, trainings, and options to do our best work."

From the Report

Hospitals, clinics, family doctors, and other healthcare institutions have obligations.

- To provide the best patient care you can.
- To be responsible with your budget.
- To provide doctors, nurses, and support staff with the tools to be successful.

The Right to Repair gives you more choices.

More choices help save money and cut down-time waiting for the manufacturer’s technician. Maybe the best and fastest option for your medical device repairs is sending them to a local ISO, or bringing one of its specialized technicians in. Maybe it’s sending the device for off site repairs. Maybe it’s paying for in-house biomed training so your skilled staff can perform the repairs repeatedly on multiple units.

Maybe waiting weeks or more for parts or repair technicians from the OEM isn’t possible.

More choices help you maintain your institutional values, like sustainability - repairing and maintaining equipment rather than placing it in the backroom.

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