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Baxter 6201 Parts

The new AIV manufactured infusion pump parts and accessories for the Flo-Gard 6201 below have been designed to strict quality standards in our ISO 13485:2016 certified facility. This is why AIV's Baxter 6201 IV pump replacement parts are trusted by hospitals worldwide.

AIV manufactures brand new Baxter Flo-Gard 6201 power cords, keypads, cases, doors and other high quality parts. AIV also offers recertified parts and repair services including flat rate repair options. AIV extends the life of your Baxter 6201 pumps with durable Baxter parts


Tube Misloading Sensor R-P2 - New
106.06 106.06 106.06 USD
Tube Misloading Sensor L-P2 - New
106.06 106.06 106.06 USD
Thumb Shaft Assembly 6201
19.28 19.28 19.28 USD
Sensor Occlusion Flo-Gard
77.66 77.66 77.66 USD
Seal Pump Head
6.68 6.68 6.68 USD
Safety Slide Clamp Assembly Flo-Gard
195.67 195.67 195.67000000000002 USD
Rear Case 6201 - New
126.88 126.88 126.88000000000001 USD
Air Sensor Assembly (P2) Right
142.04 142.04 142.04 USD
Pump Head Cover 6201
28.39 28.39 28.39 USD
Backup Alarm Flo-Gard
18.05 18.05 18.05 USD
Battery Compartment Cover 6201
14.74 14.74 14.74 USD
Power Transformer 6201
17.20 17.20 17.2 USD
Power Receptacle Flo-Gard
18.70 18.70 18.7 USD
Battery Harness 6201
9.22 9.22 9.22 USD
Buzzer Harness
21.22 21.22 21.22 USD
Power Cord Strap Flo-Gard
10.55 10.55 10.55 USD
Power Cord Flo-Gard New
17.81 17.81 17.81 USD
Power Cord Cover Flo-Gard
10.08 10.08 10.08 USD
Pole Clamp Assembly FloGard - New
72.41 72.41 72.41 USD
Plate Ground Vol/Lock
23.87 23.87 23.87 USD


"We thank you and your team for supplying us with outstanding products and customer service."

Chuck Clift
Director of Bio Medical Engineering
West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital

"We’ve been conducting business with AIV for over ten years, and as our relationship grew, so did AIV’s vast array of expertise. In the beginning, we were just ordering cables and sensors, and now AIV provides us with so much more including parts and service for our infusion pumps AIV has always provided great customer service and very knowledgeable service staff. We, as a major hospital system, look forward to what AIV will provide over the next ten years!"

Bill Hascup

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